5 Gadgets That Enhance Your Smartphone Experience

Your smartphone is your extension to life! It’s where you store al your pictures, upload to your social media accounts, read your news and so much more. When you lose your phone, it’s like you loose your life! Smartphones have become a necessity of life, so here are a few useful gadgets that will definitely enhance your smartphone experience:

Selfie Ring Light

Take way better selfies thanks to this helpful Selfie Ring Light that attaches to your phone. You’ll get higher quality photos and videos thanks to the ring’s natural light. There are three different light settings that will allow you to take selfies anywhere – even the darkest spots! It’s portable so you can easily carry it in your bag or pocket and it’s compatible with numerous smartphones.

Smartphone Zoom Lens

Take amazing photos on your smartphone with the 18X telephoto zoom camera that will bring far away objects closer. You’ll be able to take quality photos with this additional accessory that your phone can’t do on its own. The zoom camera features all-coated glass optical elements, which allows more light to pass through. It’ also comes with an extendable tripod that will minimize blurriness from your shaky hand. The tool is also great for when you’re shooting video. Plus, attach an eyepiece and the camera lens will turn into a monocular telescope.

Wireless Charger Pad

Forget having to plug in your phone to charge with this handy Wireless Charger Pad for iPhone and Android. It’s easy and convenient! You can charge your phone with its case on (if it’s lees than 6mm thick) and thanks to a special design it won’t overheat the device.

Baseus 10000mAh Power Bank Charger

Keep your phone charged for hours at a time thanks to the Baseus 10000mAh Power Bank Charger that works with iPhones and Androids. The compact charger fits anywhere and will provide on-the-go charging for when you need it most!

Full Cover 6D Scratch Proof Screen Protector

Protect your iPhone’s screen with this Full Cover 6D Scratch Proof Screen Protector that works with a number of iPhone models. It’s easy to install and will make your screen scratch proof.


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