4 Lights Every Home Needs

Lighting is important in any home. Not only does it keep things bright and airy, but it also enhances the appeal of your home and the décor. It sets the mood and ambiance of any room and can give a room a special look. When it comes to your home’s décor, your lighting is everything! But lighting can also be fun and quirky, adding more personality to your home. Here are a few fun light options that every home needs.

Motion Activated LED Toilet Night Light

When you get up go to the bathroom at night, never stumble or hit your foot on something in the dark ever again with the cool Motion Activated LED Toilet Night Light! The night light activates on when you enter the bathroom and will turn off when you leave. It’s the perfect light accessory that’ll protect your kids from hurting themselves in the dark. The handy light fits any toilet and bend so it can be attached to any toilet bowl shape. It features 8 color-changing displays with 8 LED colors and it’s powered by 3 double A batteries.

3D Lunar Moon Night Light Lamp

The 3D Lunar Moon Night Lamp is perfect for your kids’ bedroom or in any other space where you need just a bit of light. The Lunar Moon Night Light lamp will give off a comfortable 2700K warm white and 4000K neutral white illumination. The fun 3D moonlight is also a great decoration for the courtyard, outside patio and many other areas that need a stellar atmosphere with soft light!

Relaxing LED Ocean Wave Night Sky Projector

Create a soothing atmosphere with the Relaxing LED Ocean Wave Night Sky Projector that will cast dynamic ocean waves in your space. The speaker will provide soothing ocean wave sounds, while the amazing light show will entertain you. Everyone will love this soothing projector that brings the tranquility of the ocean to your home.

Waterproof Version Color Changing LED Digital Tape

Elevate your home in style with premium waterproof color-changing LED light tapes. It also comes with a handy remote controller for more customization! You can add it anywhere you need extra light. You can create endless color combinations that provide a appealing ambiance anywhere you need it.


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